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We Buy Winkler Dunnebier Envelope Machines

ZAR buys top-quality used Winkler Dunnebier envelope machines to customers around the world. In addition, ZAR provides parts, consumables, and supplies at unbeatable prices, unsurpassed quality and amazing service.

ZAR is looking to buy envelope making machines from production shops currently upgrading or otherwise.

Email us the details on what you have for sale.

We are currently looking for:

W+D 102 Envelope Machines
W+D 627 Envelope Machines

The vision and goal of W+D Mail Solutions are clear: To produce revolutionary solutions that reinforce the importance of the envelope and to master the future challenges of direct mailing efficiently, reliably and quickly.

Increase your share of the value creation with respect to the product “mailing.”
Extend value creation levels and even become a complete service provider.
Higher productivity by using the latest state-of-the-art production materials.

ZAR Provides:


We will arrange and freight out ALL your equipment at no additional charge.


While many vendors will buy only limited items, we will buy ANY and ALL of your unwanted equipment. From one piece to hundreds, we will handle all of your selling needs.


We will deinstall and remove all your equipment. You won’t have to lift a finger.

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Our reputation is important to us!

Committed to quality and to satisfied customers. This is a commitment we take very seriously. ZAR stands by everything we sell!

All equipment purchased from ZAR Corp has our guarantee for acceptance to a standard maintenance agreement by your equipment maintainer.

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