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We buy all Tech Cisco IP Phones

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Cisco IP Phone 6900 Series (6901, 6911, 6921, 6941, 6945, 6961)

Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series (7811, 7821, 7841, 7861)

Cisco IP Phone 7900 Series (7975G, 7965G, 7962G, 7945G, 7942G, 7931G, Expansion Module 7916, Expansion Module 7915, 7926G, 7925G, 7925G-EX, 7937G, 7936, 7985G, 7961G, 7960G, 7941G, 7940G, 7912G, 7911G, 7906G, Expansion Module 7914, 7921G, 7920 Multi-Charger, 7920)

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series (8865, 8861, 8851, 8845, 8841, 8811, 8800 Key Expansion Module, Conference Phone 8831)

Cisco IP Phone 8900 Series (8961, 8945, 8941)

Cisco IP Phones 9900 Series (9971, 9951)

Cisco SIP Phone 3900 Series (3905)

Cisco Small Business SPA500 Series IP Phones

Cisco Small Business SPA300 Series IP Phones (303, 302D)

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While many vendors will buy only limited items, we will buy ANY and ALL of your unwanted equipment. From one piece to hundreds, we will handle all of your selling needs.


We will deinstall and remove all your equipment. You won’t have to lift a finger.

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