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Xerox 1300 Continuous Feed Pre-Owned – For Sale

High-Quality, High-Volume, High-Speed Monochrome.


Pre-Owned Xerox 1300 Continuous Feed Printing System

ZAR buys and sells top-quality used Xerox 1300 Continuous Feed Printing systems to print customers around the world. In addition, ZAR provides parts, consumables, and supplies at unbeatable prices, unsurpassed quality and amazing service.

The 1300 Continuous Feed Printer enables you to quickly produce high-volume, time-critical applications. It also provides everything needed to add value and deliver results. The 1300 Continuous Feed Printer’s unique combination of fine particle toner and non-contact flash-fusing technology will provide excellent images and better quality output.

Xerox ImagesSmooth Technology and a 1200 x 600 dpi RIP and print feature offer outstanding image quality at incredible speed for all applications.


Print Speed – 300 feet per minute
Print Resolution – 240 x 240 dpi – 1200 x 600 dpi
Image Area – Pinfeed: 18.5 inches or Pinless: 19.5 inches
Paper Size – Pinfed: 6.5 – 19.5 inches or Pinless: 8 – 28 inches
Paper Weights – Pinfed: 60 – 160 gsm or Pinless: 40 – 200 gsm