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Used NPI PTI 158 Bin Sorters – For Sale


ZAR Corp has four used NPI PTI 158 Bin Sorters for sale.

Rated speed for all four lines is 36,000/hr.
Lines 1 – 3 have 158 bins, are single tier.
Line 4 has 153 bins, is double tier.

The PTI Letter Sorting System is well known for its efficiency and how it’s built to last. With the capability of sorting up to 36,000 letters per hour, the PTI is an excellent choice for your mailing operations. Its modular design allows for the ability to increase the number of pockets to accommodate for your high volume mailing needs. The PTI is fitted with Omni-Directional software based barcode readers, and utilizes the top performing multi-line optical character reader (MLOCR). The MLOCR includes the ability to read printed text as well as hand written text.

With these features in mind, along with its unprecedented ability to outlast other letter sorter systems with minimal maintenance, the PTI is an excellent choice for your mailing operation.

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