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Used 2018 Hunkeler Gen6 UW6-22 Unwinder and RW6-22 Rewinder – For Sale


ZAR Corp has a used 2018 Hunkeler Gen6 UW6-22 Unwinder and RW6-22 Rewinder for sale.

UW6-22 Unwinder

A responsive, productive unwinding module for rolls of up to 1370 mm in diameter. Ease of operation thanks to automatic dancer lift and operator guidance via a touch panel. A triple dancer guarantees clean paper web contact, enabling both lightweight and heavyweight papers to be processed. The dancer weight is totally decoupled by the outfeed drive, guaranteeing a seamless transfer to a high-performance digital printer.


Continuous supply of non-impact printers off the roll over a period of several hours.

Method of operation

By pressing a switch the roll with the mandrel inserted is brought into the working position by the motor-driven mechanism. After the paper-web has been pulled in manually, initialization of the module takes place automatically. The roll is driven at the center. The unwinding speed follows the requirements of the printer, under electronic control. The paper rolls can be unwound in either direction of rotation.

Basic equipment

  • Unwinding support-frame with electro-mechanical roll insertion
  • Operator interface with touch screen
  • Adjustable photocell for detecting minimum roll diameter
  • Fully automatic dancer lift
  • Loop control


Technical versions

  • Lifting device dancer for heavyweight paper >180 g/m2
  • Vacuum for cyclical operation
  • Service unit for external air supply
  • Compressor for built-in air supply
  • Choice of pneumatic mandrels, for core diameters of 70 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 3″, 5″
  • Reel stops for pneumatic mandrels 70 mm, 150 mm, 3″



  • Max. roll diameter: 1370mm (54″)
  • Web width: 165mm – 520.7mm (6.5” – 20.5”)
  • Paper weight: 40 – 300g/m 2
  • Web speed: 10 – 220m/min (33 – 720ft/min)

RW6-22 Rewinder


Rewinding of a continuous paper web printed in a non-impact printer fed from an Unwinding Module UW6 for subsequent finishing in a burster, cutter, enveloping system, etc.

Method of operation

The roll core on the mandrel is moved mechanically into the working position on push-button command. Following the manual introduction of the paper web, the module initialization takes place automatically. The roll is driven from the center. To ensure constant web tension, the web passes through a braking unit.

The rewinding speed is governed by a dancer control. A motorized device lowers the roll onto the roll cart. The paper rolls can be rewound in either direction.

Basic equipment

  • Rewind stand with electro-mechanical roll lifting
  • Operator interface with touch screen
  • Web tear and max. roll diameter detector
  • Pressure roller
  • Fully automatic dancer lift

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