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SOLD – Used 2004 Pitney Bowes 6 Station FlowMaster 12000 XL Inserter

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ZAR Corp has a used 2004 Pitney Bowes 6 Station FlowMaster 12000 XL Inserter for sale.

The 12000 XL builds on the unique engineering design of the FlowMaster 12000 to provide flexible, dual functionality, high speed, highly reliable inserting systems. The FlowMaster 12000 XL provides both letter and flats functionality in a single configuration. It can process #7 through 10” x 13” envelopes at operating speeds of up to 12,000 per hour, and also run in
flats-mode at up to 8,000 cycles per hour.

The machine has the ability to run consistently with minimal interruptions and limited down time due to features such as the high capacity envelope feeder, and the optimized operation that is gained from the continuous motion of the inserts. The FlowMaster12000 XL incorporates friction feeders with ‘Dynamic Rotation Technology’ to accurately feed material into the collator track, where at the end it is inserted into the envelope. Numerous “smart” features minimize set-up time, fault recovery time, and downtime
including the intuitive touch screen operator interface.

App. 12 million cycle run on it

Has 6 feeders, envelope conveyer, turn table, meter base, and an output conveyer

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