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SOLD – Used Tecnau / Lasermax Roll Systems Paper Cart 22″

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The Lasermax Roll Systems Paper Cart is a type of industrial equipment used for transporting large rolls of paper or other materials in a manufacturing or printing environment. The cart is designed to hold and transport paper rolls with a diameter of up to 50 inches and a weight of up to 4,000 pounds.

The Lasermax Roll Systems Paper Cart is equipped with a heavy-duty frame and casters for easy mobility, and it can be used to transport rolls of paper between different areas of a manufacturing or printing facility. The cart is also designed to protect the rolls from damage during transport, with features such as adjustable tension brakes and locking mechanisms to prevent the rolls from shifting or falling during transport.

Overall, the Lasermax Roll Systems Paper Cart is a specialized piece of equipment that can help improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing or printing environments where large rolls of paper or other materials are frequently transported.

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