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Stralfors 161 Cutter – Pre-Owned – For Sale

Cuts and stacks


ZAR buys and sells top-quality, Stralfors 161 Cutter systems to printers around the world.

Pre-Owned Stralfors 161 Cutter

The Stralfors 161 Cutter cuts and stacks continuous forms into the desired length from 3.5″–14″ and supports all standard paper widths up to 18″. Paper length selection is made electronically. It uses Optical Mark Reading or electronic printer signals for Markless job separation to determine the end of a job. Forms are delivered in a flat stack and each job can be individually offset to ease further processing including binding, stitching or booklet making.

The 161 Cutter utilizes a rotary knife so the web never stops during the cutting process—offering maximum precision and speed. In addition, the cutting blade can be changed in under 3 minutes. The integrated stacker accumulates 10″ stacks and automatically delivers to an output conveyor without stopping the printer.

ZAR Corp also has parts for these too!


Cut-sheet output from continuous printer
Constant speed and smooth flow through rotary cutter
Low maintenance costs


Web width – 6″ – 18″
Cut length – 3.5″ – 14″
Paper weight – 55 -200 gsm
Stack height – 3 sheets – 8″
Web speed – 60 – 240 ft/min
Delivery time – 8 seconds
Delivery height – 31.5″

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