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Ricoh IBM 4100 Infoprint HD3 HD4 Continuous Duplex – Refurbished – For Sale

The Ricoh / IBM 4100 HD3 HD4 Continuous Duplex Printing System family of monochrome roll-fed web presses, when you need to print millions of impressions every month.


Refurbished IBM 4100 HD3 HD4 Printer

ZAR buys and sells top-quality Refurbished Ricoh / IBM 4100 HD3 HD4 Continuous Duplex Printing Systems to print customers around the world. In addition, ZAR provides parts, consumables, and supplies at unbeatable prices, unsurpassed quality and amazing service.

The Infoprint IBM 4100 HD3 HD4 printer also has switchable 480/600 pels-per-inch resolution and the Print Quality Enhancement function, which smooths edges on diagonal lines, protects fine details, improves the fidelity of images, and allows for adjustment of the boldness of text and the darkness of images.

Print all kinds of applications, from statements to checks to marketing materials to books, with total confidence. Our patented print quality enhancement feature provides 256 levels of gray, four screen frequencies, seven levels of contrast control and 600 dpi. So go right ahead and talk up quality, because you can.

If you have strict spending limits, consider a used InfoPrint 4100 from ZAR Corp.

The IBM Infoprint 4100 Advanced Function Printing System is a next- generation digital publishing and production output solution. In addition, the Infoprint 4100 provides the highest speed for electrophotographic printers and allows users to produce more output with fewer devices and less operator time. Here are the features and specifications document for the IBM 41oo HD3 HD4 Continuous Duplex printing system.

IBM 4100 HD3 Hd4


Print technology – Laser
Datastreams – IPDS
Form type – Continuous
Print resolution – 480 dpi or 600 dpi

Print Speed

TS1 Simplex: up to 381 ipm, 2 up 8.5×11 portrait
TS2 Simplex: up to 610 ipm, 2 up 8.5×11 portrait
TS3 Simplex: up to 720 ipm, 2 up 8.5×11 portrait
TD1/TD2 Duplex: up to 762 ipm, 2 up 8.5×11 portrait
TD3/TD4 Duplex: up to 1220 ipm, 2 up 8.5×11 portrait
TD5/TD6 Duplex: up to 1440 ipm, 2 up 8.5×11 portrait

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