Ricoh 4100 Continuous Laser Printer HD5 HD6 – Pre-Owned – For Sale


ZAR buys and sells top-quality used Ricoh InfoPrint 4100 continuous laser printer HD5 HD6 systems to printing customers around the world. In addition, ZAR provides parts, consumables, and supplies at unbeatable prices, unsurpassed quality and amazing service.

Pre-Owned Ricoh InfoPrint 4100 Continuous Laser Printer HD5 HD6 For Sale

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Low usage meter.

Less than 178 million pages printed

Printer 1. sn 01-2564R
Manufacture Jan 2008

Printer 2 sn 01-3564R
Manufactured March 2008

4100 Processor is 9133-55A SN-06E467G