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2013 Refurbished 2 Station Bluecrest Flowmaster DI-2000 Inserting System – Pre Owned – For Sale


ZAR Corp has a Refurbished 2 Station Bluecrest Flowmaster DI-2000 Inserter for sale.


  • Extended Cut Sheet Feeder
  • Barcode Reader 2d/3of9
  • Accumulator
  • Folder
  • Operator Terminal
  • Monitor, keyboard, and Printer


  • Flowmaster
  • 2 Two Friction Insert Stations
  • Turnover Belt
  • 1 Vertical Stacker
  • 1 PB R-750 Meter Base
  • Standard Conveyor
  • Runs #10, 6×9 and Flats 10×13 envelopes

About the 2-station Bluecrest Flowmaster Inserter

The 2-Station Bluecrest Flowmaster Inserter is a versatile machine designed for efficiently inserting various types of documents into envelopes. With its two insertion stations, it is capable of processing up to 10,000 pieces per hour. This inserter is highly reliable and accurate, ensuring that every piece is correctly inserted and sealed before being sent out for delivery. The Flowmaster Inserter is equipped with advanced technology that enables it to handle various document sizes, thicknesses, and materials, including glossy or coated paper. Additionally, it features a user-friendly interface that allows operators to quickly and easily set up jobs, monitor production, and make adjustments as needed. Overall, the 2-Station Bluecrest Flowmaster Inserter is an excellent choice for organizations that require high-speed, accurate, and reliable envelope-inserting capabilities.

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