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SOLD – OCÉ JetStream 1500 Dual Printer

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Pre-Owned Océ JetStream 1500 Dual Printer

ZAR buys and sells top-quality used Océ Jetstream 1500 Dual systems to print customers around the world. In addition, ZAR provides parts, consumables, and supplies at unbeatable prices, unsurpassed quality and amazing service.

The Océ JetStream Dual series offers customers a smooth and seamless growth path from 1,432 to 2,860 letter pages per minute. With this migration path, the JetStream series is able to provide a future-proof concept for printing organizations that are aiming for growth.


Inkjet – Océ DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezo-electric
Ink – Water-based dye, MICR, InkSafe technology
Print Resolution – 1200 dpi perceived image quality with 600 × 600 dpi and Multilevel
Paper Transport – Tight web, pinless
CMYK Print Speed In Feet Per Minute – 328
CMYK Print Speed In Letter Images Per Minute – 1,428
MICR Print Speed In Feet Per Minute – 328
MICR Print Speed In Letter Images Per Minute – 1,432
Duty Cycle Million Letter Images Per Month – 10-24
Page Composition – 2-Up Duplex

Océ JetStream printers are designed for seamless integration with industry- standard workflows and the rigorous demands and data rates of high-speed full-color printing.  The Océ JetStream Dual series is also available with a fully integrated MICR option.

We buy Océ JetStream printers. Give us a shout when you are replacing your old equipment.

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