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SOLD – Bell & Howell Enduro Inserting System Pre-Owned

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ZAR buys and sells top-quality used Bell & Howell Enduro Inserting System to mailing customers around the world. In addition, ZAR provides parts, consumables, and supplies at unbeatable prices, unsurpassed quality and amazing service.

Pre-Owned Bell & Howell Enduro Inserting System

The Bell & Howell Enduro inserting system will operate at speeds up to 11,000 envelopes per hour, depending on the configuration. These processing speeds make the Enduro inserting system a formidable solution for operations that process high volumes of one- to multiple- page, statement-type jobs in any environment where numerous applications are run on a regular basis.

Additional improvements include:

Intelligent tracking throughout the document path
High-capacity envelope loader and high-capacity insert feeders
Redesigned insertion station
New operating system and user interface
High-volume, on-edge output conveyor


Acceptable envelope sizes
-Minimum—6” x 3.5”
-Maximum—10”x 6.25”
-Flap depth—1” to 2.31”

Acceptable insert sizes
-Minimum—5.5” x 3”
-Maximum—9.5” x 6”
-Maximum thickness—0.125”

Input Processing Options
-Sheet Feeders—591, 598
-Cutters—310, 310 Stream, 380 Stream, 5410
-Reading—2/5-I, 3/9, Code128, ECC200, OCR, Intelligent Mail barcode
-Multi-channel input/matching capability
-PCS input channels
-Fold Options (Z, Half, Double Parallel and Letter)

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