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SOLD – 2017 6 Station Flowmaster RS Inserter – Pre Owned

This item has been sold.


ZAR Corp has a 2017 6-Station Flowmaster RS Inserter for sale


  • 2 read camera MCS

  • 3 rotary feeders

  • 2- 10 X 13

  • 1-6×9 feeder

  • MCS Eagle Ink Jet Printer

  • Total# of Envelopes – 10023410

About the 2017 6-Station Flowmaster RS Inserter

A 6-Station Flowmaster RS Inserter for envelopes is a type of machine used for automatically inserting contents into envelopes. It typically has six different stations or slots where you can place the materials you want to insert into the envelope, such as letters, brochures, or other marketing materials.

The machine uses a series of feeders, conveyors, and folders to fold and insert the materials into the envelope. The Flowmaster RS Inserter is a popular brand of envelope inserter, known for its speed, accuracy, and ability to handle a wide variety of materials and envelope sizes.

These machines are commonly used by businesses, direct mail companies, and other organizations that need to send out large volumes of mailings on a regular basis. The use of an inserter can significantly reduce the time and effort required to prepare mailings by automating the folding and inserting process.

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