Refurbished Xerox Printers and Supplies

refurbished xerox printers

Want to save 50% or more on Refurbished Xerox Printers? ZAR Corp will use our over 23 years of experience to provide you with both quality and a great value. Put your trust in our abilities and purchase a refurbished reconditioned printer from ZAR. We will beat any price! Give ZAR a call at 800-474-7316 or 612-455-4558.

Refurbished pre-owned printers are reconditioned to ensure that they perform to the standards of a newly manufactured Xerox product.

We sell Many Refurbished Xerox Printers, including:

Xerox 490 / 980
Xerox 495
Xerox 650 / 1300
Xerox DocuPrint 330
Xerox DocuPrint 350
Xerox DocuPrint 500 CF
Xerox DocuPrint 700 CFD
Xerox DocuPrint 1000 CFD

DocuColor 242
DocuColor 252
DocuColor 260
DocuColor 6060
DocuColor 7000
DocuColor 8000
DocuTech 180 HLC
DocuTech 155 HighLight Color
iGen 3
iGen 4

Xerox Wide Format 6050
Xerox Wide Format 6204
Xerox Wide Format 6279
Xerox Wide Format 6604/6605
Xerox Wide Format 6622
Xerox Wide Format 7142

We also buy many other models.


For more information about refurbished Xerox prints, contact us today.

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Committed to quality and to satisfied customers. This is a commitment we take very seriously. ZAR stands by everything we sell!

All equipment purchased from ZAR Corp has our guarantee for acceptance to a standard maintenance agreement by your equipment maintainer.

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