LaserMax Roll Systems

Refurbished Lasermax Roll to Roll System

– Includes RSI Unwinder Model 800019-57
And RSI Rewinder Model 800139
– [Refurbished]


Refurbished RSI Lasermax Roll Systems Equipment


Roll Systems Equipment


  • Roll Systems Unwinder 800152 (220 ft/min)
  • Roll Systems Unwinder 800174 (250 ft/min)
  • Roll Systems Unwinder 800191 (350 ft/min)
  • Roll Systems Rewinder 800139 (230 ft /min)
  • Roll Systems Rewinder 800176 (250 ft/mn)
  • Roll Systems Rewinder 800190 (500 ft/min )
  • Roll Systems Folder 800153
  • Roll Systems Sep/ Folder 800162 (240 ft/min)
  • Roll Systems Folder 800192
  • Roll Systems Cutter 500449
  • Roll Systems Cutter 503176 (250 ft/min)
  • Roll Systems Stacker 500777
  • Roll Systems Power Pedestal 500437 (170 ft/min)
  • Roll Systems Power Pedestal 500761
  • Roll Systems Merge Module 503410 (250 ft/ min)
  • Roll Systems Autoload Table 501254 (250 ft/min)Lasermax Equipment
  • Lasermax Unwinder UW50 (220 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Unwinder UW52 (260 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Rewinder 102CD (360 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Folder FL90 (260 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Folder FL92 (360 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Accumulator ACC 132 (300 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Accumulator ACC 132 (300 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Cutter 161 (240 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Cutter 162 (300 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Unwinder LX550 (600 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Rewinder LX555 (500 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Merger LX535 (450 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Cutter LX560 (450 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Cutter LX561 (450 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Stacker LX565 (360 ft/min)
  • Lasermax Stacker LX566 (360 ft/min)

    Roll Systems Quad Carts

  • Lasermax Roll Systems
  • Quad Carts
  • Stack Racks
  • Qty (8)
  • StackRack™ moves fan-folded or cut-sheet stacks easily and conveniently to the next stop in the output handling sequence. Four standard and eight optional removable (along with four fixed base) shelves allow varying stack heights. When used with the Lasermax Roll Systems RST3AutoLoad™ tilt table, StackRack is one part of a complete output handling system.

    Roll Systems Roll to Cut System

    RSI Unwinder U5
    RSI Merge Module M2
    RSI Cutter C7
    RSI Stacker D1


    RSI Roll Carts

    The Roll Cart 18 is designed to provide easy transport of rolls up to 18 1/4 inches (464 mm) wide for all Lasermax Roll Systems surface-driven unwinders and rewinders.
    Roll Cart 18 maneuvers smoothly to permit easy, quick loading of rolls from a pallet to the unwinder, completely eliminating manual lifting. Cart height matches the standard pallet for easy transfer. Rolls never touch the floor, keeping them clean and free from damage during movement. The cart can also be used to remove partial rolls directly from the unwinder as well as full or partial rolls directly from the rewinder. Other advantages of the Roll Cart 18 include the following:

  • Spreads weight of roll, reducing stress and the potential for damage to raised computer floors.
  • Allows for one-person operation.
  • Markings on the cart surface assist in the proper alignment of the roll.
  • Brake feature helps prevent cart movement during loading (the brake is neither intended nor recommended for use as a parking brake)
  • May be used for staging or storing rolls, creating less clutter and taking up Price:
    Please call for pricing

Stralfors and Lasermax LX Series Pre & Post


  • LX560 Cutter 450 ft/min Pinfed/Pinless
  • LX561 Cutter 450 ft/min Pinfed, stack up to 8.5″
  • LX562 Cutter 450 ft/min Pinless, stack up to 8.5″
  • LX565 Stacker 360 ft/min Pinfed/ Pinless
  • LX566 Stacker 360 ft/min Up to 3-up
  • LX530 Buffer 450 ft/min Accumulates & weaves paper, fills buffer
  • LX535 Slit Merge 450 ft/Min Pinless slit merge
  • LX550 Unwinder 350 ft/min Feeds paper up to 20.5” Wide
  • LX555 Rewinder 500 ft/min Roll to Roll Price:
    Please call for pricing

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