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Our Guarantee

At ZAR, Quality is Guaranteed!

Our reputation is important to us. We’re committed to quality and to a satisfied customer. This is a commitment we take seriously. We make promises we can keep and that’s what keeps our customers coming back.

Any equipment you purchase from ZAR Corp is GUARANTEED to be accepted for a standard maintenance agreement by your equipment maintainer. We will pay any and all certification fees required by your equipment maintainer unless otherwise specified.

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Reconditioning & Refurbishing to “Like New”

ZAR Corp has one of the best reconditioning and refurbishing process in the industry. We have earned our expertise from 20 years of refurbishing printers, mainframes, peripherals and many other products. With every piece of equipment we sell, we put our 20-year reputation on the line. Our experience and attention to detail guarantee that you will receive a perfectly revitalized product, working at its peak performance, and all at an attractive price!

The technicians who perform the work on ZAR’s pre-owned equipment are some of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the industry. With over 50 years’ combined experience, they have the skill and knowledge to produce an exceptional product. Not only do they recondition the equipment, in many instances, they will be the same individuals who performs the installation. Nothing beats experience!

Stage 1: Acquisition

ZAR Corp only purchases used printers that have been continuously maintained by the manufacturer. This ensures that the printer has all the current engineering changes and all authentic manufacturer parts and features. We ensure all used equipment we purchase is deinstalled and packed with strict adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines. We then ship the printer using only High Value Product freight carriers.

Stage 2: Reconditioning and Refurbishing Process​

At the reconditioning and refurbishing center, the equipment is audited and inspected; thoroughly confirming the condition of the equipment as well as receipt of all operating software, maintenance manuals, and other ship group items. Technicians proceed to stage, test, and adjust each piece of equipment to peak operating condition. The entire machine is then inspected. Worn elements and components are replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Only manufacturer-approved parts and components are used. We inspect, repair, or replace all drive components. All additional features requested are installed.

From the inside out, technicians complete a thorough and intensive cleaning procedure using only manufacturer-approved cleaning materials and solutions. Outer panels are removed, repaired or replaced, cleaned and painted. When completed, the equipment is reassembled.

Stage 3: Staging, Testing​

Technicians complete a thorough staging and testing process. Technicians will print thousands of pages to ensure the highest print quality and optimal standard of operation.

Depending upon the manufacturer, the equipment may be certified by the manufacturer at this stage for a guaranteed maintenance contract. With some manufacturers, the certification for maintenance acceptance is performed during the installation.

Stage 4: Preparation and Packing for Delivery; Manufacturer Certification for Maintenance

In packing our equipment, we follow the exact specifications issued by each manufacturer. In some instances, we crate equipment, in others, the equipment has a “band” placed around the equipment after it has been certified for maintenance. ZAR Corp uses manufacturer-approved packing materials and procedures.

Stage 5: Shipping of Equipment

All equipment is insured and shipped with the very best High Value Product Carriers using air-ride suspension trucks.

The Results

Refurbished and Reconditioned Like New Pre-owned Equipment Certified for the Manufacturer’s Maintenance. Guaranteed.

Our reputation is important to us!

Committed to quality and to satisfied customers. This is a commitment we take very seriously. ZAR stands by everything we sell!

All equipment purchased from ZAR Corp has our guarantee for acceptance to a standard maintenance agreement by your equipment maintainer.

We are your one-stop shop!