W+D BB700 Inserting System – For Sale

W+D BB700 inserting system with servo technique.


Pre-Owned W+D BB700 Inserting System – 12K Cycles per Hour

ZAR buys and sells top-quality used W+D BB700 Inserting systems to mail handling customers around the world. In addition, ZAR provides parts, consumables, and supplies at unbeatable prices, unsurpassed quality and amazing service.

  • High adjustable speed performance up to 12,000 cycles per hour
  • Packing thickness max. 15 mm (5/8 inch) with tight pack fingers
  • High net output with formats from C6 up to B4
  • Siemens – controls – Simotion
  • Continuous adjustable speed (no clocking)

Even envelopes sticking together or placed wrongly into the envelope feeder cause no problems for the W+D BB700 servo system. Should such an envelope be detected by the flap opening control within the inserting module, then this envelope will be diverted without stopping the machine. The transport of the material within the track of the gathering section will be continued once a new envelope has been opened.

The basic gathering section and the inserting module synchronize themselves independently. This procedure will also be carried out reliably by the W+D BB700 system whilst running at full speed, which is also reflected in the high net output.


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