Lasermax LX530 Buffer – Certified Pre-Owned – For Sale


Used Lasermax LX530 Buffer

The Lasermax LX530 Buffer is located between a printer and the next machine, eg, an LX560 Cutter/ LX566 Stacker. The LX530 Buffer works like a normal loop but with greater capacity. The object of the LX530 Buffer is to increase the amount of paper after the printer in order to minimize the number of printer stops while the next machine is performing its delivery sequence.

Lasermax LX530 Buffer

The LX530 Buffer is supplied with paper from a high-speed printer via an infeed loop and paper guides, the paper is fed forward to the infeed roller with in turn feeds the paper to the inner loop. An outfeed roller feds the paper to the next machine.

– Speed of infeed to the LX530 Buffer depends on speed of the printer.

All equipment is staged and test prior to shipping unless otherwise specified. If however you prefer a refurbished remanufactured pre-owned Lasermax LX530 Buffer, we can provide that too.