Hunkeler Rewind RW6 – Used – For Sale


The roll core on the mandrel is moved mechanically into the working position on push-button command. Following the manual introduction of the paper web, the module initialization takes place automatically. The roll is driven from the center. To ensure constant web tension, the web passes through a braking unit.
The rewinding speed is governed by a dancer control. A motorized device lowers the roll onto the roll cart.. The paper rolls can be rewound in either direction.

Pre-owned Hunkeler Rewind RW6

328 Feet per Minute/6 Inch Cores

Basic equipment
Rewind stand with electro-mechanical roll lifting
Operator interface with touch screen
Web tear and max. roll diameter detector
Pressure roller
Fully automatic dancer lift

Technical variants
Lifting device dancer for heavyweight paper > 180g/m
Choice of pneumatic mandrels, for core diameters of 70 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 3″, 5″
Connection for air supply from UW6 unit for external air supply
Compressor for built-in air supply

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