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Stralfors Lasermax UW52 CDC Unwinder – Refurbished – For Sale

Manufacturer / Model: Lasermax-Stralfors UW 52 CDC unwinder


Manufacturer / Model: Stralfors Lasermax  UW52 CDC unwinder

The Stralfors Lasermax UW52 is based on the printing industry standard of a center-shaft drive mechanism making it the safest, most accurate, flexible and reliable roll-feed system available. The starting point of any pre- and post-processing system, it feeds a roll of paper, up to 20.5″ wide and 52″ in diameter, into the printer. It uses all standard roll core sizes and has automated end-of-roll and splice detection sensors. The drive direction is reversible which provides flexibility in positioning preprinted forms. The Unwind 52 works in-line, feeding directly into printers, or offline, feeding inserters, other Stralfors solutions and finishing equipment.

Standard Capabilities

  • Extras: airshaft, core 70mm, 150mm or 200mm
  • Speed: 500 fpm also good for IBM Infoprint HD5/6
  • Option: airshaft 3″ or 5″ possible, or adapter 70mm to 320mm
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Mfg Maintenance Contract: yes
  • 1st Installation: 1996, 2013
  • De-installed by: Manufacturer
  • Status: fully refurbished, incl. new varnish


Fax: 1-952-516-5280