IBM Ricoh Infoprint 4100 HD1/HD2 For Sale – Pre-Owned – For Sale

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IBM Ricoh Infoprint 4100 HD1/HD2 and 4100-PD1/PD2 Printers (4100-HD1/HD2 and 4100-PD1/PD2)

Printer 1 Count: 132222046

Printer 2 Count: 133712090


The Infoprint 4100-HD1/HD2 and 4100-PD1/PD2 printers are channel-attached or LAN-attached, continuous-forms printers that use laser and electrophotographic technology to print text, images, graphics, and bar codes at up to 762 ipm (impressions per minute). The Infoprint 4100-HD1/HD2 and 4100-PD1/PD2 printers use the Advanced Function Common Control Unit (AFCCU) based on RISC technology, which provides as standard the Advanced Function Image and Graphics (AFIG) feature and the Decompression Performance Enhancement (DPE) feature. The Infoprint 4100-HD1/HD2 has a hard hot roll which provides high print quality. The Infoprint 4100-PD1/PD2 has a soft hot roll which provides premium print quality.

The Infoprint 4100-HD1/HD2 and 4100-PD1/PD2 printers also have switchable 480/600 pels-per-inch resolution and the Print Quality Enhancement (PQE) function, which smooths edges on diagonal lines, protects fine details, improves the fidelity of images, and allows for adjustment of the boldness of text and the darkness of images.




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