Bell+Howell J3000 80

Bell Howell J3000 Sorter – For Sale


Bell+Howell Sorter for sale.

Bell Howell J3000 sorter with lookup camera.

  • Bell+Howell J3000 80 Linear Bin M.L.O.C.R. with Full Service IMB, Move Update, and In-Line Verification. Serial # 016-100142 Service ID Tag 2269D.
  • Look-up Camera: SABRE-100  S/N C1203148 Running Software SABRE Outbound Version V5.20.14.000.
  • Bell+Howell Sorter Manager Version 3.0 Build 230_7_2_051415.SCS Sorter Control System: O.S. ipipe Version V4.4.D.05.10.2015.
  • In-Line Verification: SBVA S/N E166026  SABREHR 4” Camera System Running Version 12V4.12.03 with a Build Date of 9-23-2009.
  • Video-Jet PC 37 IMB Printer.
  • Video-Jet PC 70 Move Update Printer.